International Business

Tauri-Gum Packaging has been translated into 6 Distinct Languages

The company has completed the translated versions of its Tauri-Gum™ packaging into the following 6 languages: English, Hebrew, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese.  

The Company contracted GTS Translation Services (“GTS”) to provide this service, important to the Company’s long-term growth strategy.  In particular, the Company is actively pursuing potential opportunities to launch its Tauri-Gum™ product line in the Middle East.  The Company’s Tauri-Gum™ product line is both Kosher Certified (Authority: Star-K) and Halal Certified (Authority: Etimad).

The Company’s international presence, via its E-Commerce customer base, continues to expand in terms of its customer base.  Recently, the Company has received E-Commerce orders from:  Israel, Kuwait, United Kingdom, and Australia.