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"Quality is to a product, what character is to a man"

-Henry J. Heinz



INTRODUCING OUR VACATION PRODUCTS! What better way to relax in the sun with our Hemp derived lip balm and sunscreen, while still protecting those UVs?

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Our fan favorites! Each of our “Tauri-Gum” has endless, yet different benefits. From caffeine, to CBD, to even your daily intake of Vitamins!

Body Butter already leaves your skin feeling so fresh and hydrated, but combined with CBD as well, your mind and body will be guaranteed to be left refreshed and relaxed too! What better combination can you ask for?

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Just the gorgeous @jammurphy repping our Frank White Gum is a supplement gum with everything from Vitamin C, to CBD, and even Zinc. Get all your vitamins in with just one piece!

You’ve seen all our food products, but what if we told you we sell skin care as well? CBD in skin care, like oils and moisturizers, create a soothing experience that leaves your skin and mind feeling hydrated and relaxed!