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"Quality is to a product, what character is to a man"

-Henry J. Heinz



$TAUG Tauriga Sciences Inc. will be a Corporate Exhibitor at The White Label CBD Tradeshow (October 2021 / Javits Center, New York City) and Kosherfest 2021 (November 2021 / Meadowlands Exposition Center / Secaucus, NJ).

Please See Image! Our Exhibitor Booth Layout/Design


Super Deluxe Rainbow Pack (1 Blister Pack of Each Tauri-Gum SKU + Mystery Bonus Pack)

10 Blister Packs in Total

Exclusively Available on E-Comm Site: $136.99 Each

$TAUG As CEO of Tauriga Sciences, Inc.
I completed an Insider Purchase Today . . .

TAUG -- 250,000 share Purchase @ $0.08 per share.

I continue to have great confidence in both: Our Management Team and the Company's future prospects!

Self-Care isn’t just about bubble baths & pouring a glass of wine. (Although those definitely help!)

It’s about managing your mood & reducing stress throughout your day.

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How does CBD reduce your stress?