Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (the “Company”) participated in an $18,500,250 underwritten public offering by Blink Charging Co. (NASDAQ: BLNK) (“Blink”), which closed on February 14, 2018. The Company invested $191,250 USD of its balance sheet cash and purchased 45,000 registered shares of Blink common stock, as well as warrants exercisable immediately for a period of five (5) years from the date of issuance for up to 90,000 additional shares of common stock of Blink. The Warrants carry an exercise price of $4.25 per share, and also trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol: BLNKW. The Company is in possession of the registered securities as of the closing date.

Blink Charging 

is the leading owner, operator, and provider of EV charging stations and services in the United States. We support EV adoption by providing EV drivers with access to the thousands of EV charging stations across the country to charge their electric cars where they live, work, and play. We also help businesses and property ownersattract EV drivers, promote their businesses, and support their sustainability initiatives by offering various business models for EV charging equipment and maintenance plans, as well as connectivity to our robust, cloud-based EV charging network, known as  Blink Network.

Blink Charging Co. Closes $18,500,250 Public Offering and NASDAQ Listing

February 16, 2018

Blink Charging Co. (NASDAQ: BLNK, BLNKW) (“Blink Charging” or the “Company”), a leading owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, announced the closing of its previously announced underwritten public offering of 4,353,000 units, each unit consisting of one share of common stock and two warrants each to purchase one share of common stock. The warrants have a per share exercise price of $4.25, are exercisable immediately, and will expire five years from the date of issuance. The common stock and the warrants began trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market on February 14, 2018, under the symbols BLNK and BLNKW, respectively.