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Welcome To Tauriga Sciences

Tauriga Sciences would like to thank all its loyal shareholders as well as welcome new shareholders. Management believes 2019 will be an exciting turnaround year for the Company. Since¬†the Company¬†settled¬†its¬†lawsuit with¬†its¬†previous¬†auditor¬†Management¬†has been diligently¬†working¬†on creating¬†value¬†for the Company and¬†the¬†Company’s shareholders.

The Company has previously indicated in press releases the intent to pursue M&A but the Company has also taken equity positions in several companies that could have tremendous returns.  In December 2018 the Company decided to launch Tauri-GUM.  Tauri-GUM is a gum that contains CBD. The process is patented. This is the first of several products the Company is set to launch.

The Company is also exploring purchasing a California based Omega Р3 Company and has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to acquire the product as well as the technology. Subsequent to the Company negotiating the MOU a publically traded Company Amarin had successful trials with its Omega-3 product which was recognized by the FDA.

The Company is aggressively pursuing other revenue and asset building opportunities. The Company believes wholeheartedly that 2019 will mark a major turn around for Tauriga shareholders and will be providing updates via press releases and interviews throughout the year.

Tauri-GUM CBD Gum

Tauriga Sciences is set to launch Tauri-GUM, which contains CBD. CBD has long been known for its healing properties. Many studies and testimonials show CBD to assist with relief with insomnia, pain, and anxiety.  Many believe that CBD helps with inflammation, and excessive inflammation leads to a host of adverse health-related issues.

Army studies have shown gum is a much superior delivery method for caffeine than other products such as candies, pills, capsules, beverages, and gummies. Chewing gum is a very discrete method to deliver CBD to the body. Chewing gum delivers CBD by bypassing the stomach, the CBD is rapidly absorbed through the oral mucosa similarly to adding CBD oil drops under the tongue. Many people do not like the taste or the inconvenience of taking CBD through drops. Chewing gum is something that most people do, anyway. Tauria-Gum first flavor will be a great tasting mint.
Tauri-Gum is the first product the Company is launching, but other health and wellness gums will soon follow.



VistaGen Therapeutics¬†‚Äď The Company took an equity position in a Biotech company called VistaGen Therapeutics. The Company paid $1.50 per unit. a unit consists of 1 Common share at $1.50 and one Warrant exercisable at $1.50. VistaGen‚Äôs AV-101 compound is a potential blockbuster new class of drug to treat depression. The NIH is currently funding a Phase 2A trial and the FDA recently granted VistaGen fast track status. Read More about this exciting Company here!


Blink Charging¬†‚Äď Blink is the largest owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle charging stations in the United States. The Company has prime real estate locations and is capable of charging all brands, including Tesla. Read More About This Company Here!



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